Review of Standlee Hay Forage Products

Here at Cypress Lake Ranch we have a bunch of horses and other animals and we were recently given the opportunity to try out a new brand of feed/hay for them called the Standlee hay products. I was very impressed. Basically, it is hay in a bag and super easy to use and handle and the horses, goats and sheep and even the couple of cows I have, loved it all. One product that I got to use was the alfalfa hay:
They loved it and ate it really well and it was a cost efficient way to supplement the high price of grain and keep them looking fat and healthy. It was easy to feed and they appreciated the addition of the hay in a bag.
I also tried the beet pulp for a few of my older mares. It smelled good and they gained weight while eating it due to the added forage to their diets.
All in all, I would recommend these products for the ease of use and the nutritional value they provided. I would say if you are looking to help your horses or other animals and you are on a budget, try the Standlee products, especially considering this drought period and weird weather!

 Review of Standlee Hay Forage Products

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