Summer Garden in Full Swing

The summer (read HOT) garden is in full swing here in North Texas. We’re waiting very impatiently for our Heirloom Sloan’s Creek Red Okra to start producing. We got it in late because the early peas were still producing and the okra had to wait its turn. Now we wish the options for places to plant were more abundant. That way we could have peas longer and okra longer. (sigh)

But the tomatoes and the cucumbers as well as watermelon and cantaloupe are producing well. Oh, so are the peppers. We are growing some “EXTRA HOT” Indian Jwala peppers this year. At least the package says they are extra hot and I’m not brave enough to try them to see for myself. Still waiting for feedback from those who might have tried them after buying them at the Denison Farmers Market.

The eggplant are doing awesome as well. I’m growing an heirloom variety this year called Aswad. They seem to be much more bug and disease resistant than other varieties I’ve tried in the past. And they don’t have sharp barbs that poke the gardener – a definite plus and pretty much a guarantee that they will be the variety I choose to grow from now on.

The American (or Gaucho) melons are a little disappointing so far, but may get better. I am no longer watering them in an attempt to let the sweetness develop more intensely. Hoping this will work! :)

The Armenian Cucumbers are being grown in a unique configuration that is turning out to be very nice and is probably the way I’ll grow them from now on. We built a trellis out of 3 cattle panels, forming an arch with the idea that the cucumbers would be easier to pick this way. It’s working out nicely, even better than we thought it would.

Check out this post to find out what’s available in the garden right now. You can come out to get fresh vegetables or we can deliver to McKinney. On Saturday mornings (9 to noon) and sometimes on Wed afternoons (3 to 6) we are at the Denison Farmers Market.

Looking forward to serving you with our awesome, fresh, locally grown, non-GMO, no pesticide garden veggies. Summer Garden in Full Swing

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